B. Psy (Hons), Psy. D (Counselling), dip.Bible & Missions, MAPS

Counselling is an effective way to treat many emotional, relational and mental issues. It is also a great way to examine our lives - our thought patterns, emotions, values, beliefs and motivations - and make change at a deep level. Dr Mel Fung is a counselling psychologist who enjoys using her psychology knowledge and skills to help Christians and people who are not Christians. She has over 10 years of experience in helping people make long-lasting change in their lives.

Psychotherapy is available for those wanting to make genuine and permanent change in their lives. Given that some psychological problems have taken years or decades to develop, Mel takes the time to help you incrementally and permanently overcome these problems. Rather than offering generic solutions, traditional psychotherapy helps people by taking them through the process of deeply discovering their patterns of relating, feeling and thinking, giving them insight about themselves and enabling them to develop more whole, intergrated personalities. As people grow in their psychological maturity, they overcome all types of symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, OCD symptoms, emotional eating and addictions to name just a few. Such problems that you may want to address in therapy include low self-esteem, childhood trauma, life direction and meaning, faith struggles and relationship issues. Mel is also trained in CBT to help people relieve symptoms in the short-term while simultaneously working on the underlying issues.

Please read more about therapy with Mel at About Therapy. Please also feel welcome to book and appointment or ask any questions by phoning Mel on 0422 545 595 or emailing